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Recommended reading

The following books form a small collection of works on both awakening-oriented therapy and nondual wisdom. The list is related to this website’s offerings and meant for orientation and inspiration.
It is divided into two sections with the remark that there is an overlap between the two.

Some of the works are introductions and guides to spiritual and therapeutic approaches. Others contain inspired words from contemporary sages. See what resonates with you!


On psychotherapy


Blackstone, Judith. Trauma and the Unbound Body, the Healing Power of Fundamental Consciousness

Boulder, CO: Sounds True, 2018


Gendlin, Eugene. Focusing

New York: Bantam, 1982


Hanson, Rick. Hardwiring Happiness: The New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm and Confidence

New York: Harmony, 2013

Jung, Carl G. Memories, Dreams, Reflections

London: William Collins, 2019


Levine, Peter A. In an Unspoken Voice: How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness

Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books, 2010

Lowen, Alexander. Bioenergetics: The Revolutionary Therapy That Uses the Language of the Body to Heal the Problems of the Mind

London: Arkana, 1994


Ogden, Pat. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy: Interventions for Trauma and Attachment

New York and London: W. W. Norton & Company, 2015


Prendergast, John, G. Kenneth Bradford, eds. Listening from the Heart of Silence: Nondual Wisdom and Psychotherapy, Volume 2

St. Paul, MN: Paragon House, 2007


Prendergast, John J. In Touch, How to Tune In to the Inner Guidance of Your Body and Trust Yourself

Boulder, CO: Sounds True, 2015


Schwartz, Richard C. No bad Parts, Healing Trauma and Restoring Wholeness with the Internal Family Systems Model

Boulder, CO: Sounds True, 2021


Siegel, Daniel J. Aware: The Science and Practice of Presence

New York: TarcherPerigee, 2018


Weiss, Halko, Greg Johanson, and Lorena Monda, Lorena, eds. Hakomi Mindfulness-Centered Somatic Psychotherapy, A Comprehensive Guide to Theory and Practice

New York and London: W. W. Norton & Company, 2015


Welwood, John. Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships: Healing the Wound of the Heart

Boston & London: Trumpeter, 2006



On universal nondual spirituality


Bodhi, Bhikkhu. In the Buddha's Words, An Anthology of Discourses from the Pāli Canon
Boston: Wisdom Publications, 2005


Bodian, Stephan. Beyond Mindfulness, The Direct Approach to Lasting Peace, Happiness and Love

Oakland, CA: Non-Duality Press, 2017


Deutsch, Eliot. Advaita Vedanta, A Philosophical Reconstruction

Honolulu: The University Press of Hawaii, 1988


Godman, David. Be As You Are, The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi

New York: Penguin, 1989


Haskel, Peter. Bankei Zen, Translations from The Record of Bankei

New York: Grove Weidenfeld, 1984

Klein, Jean. I Am

Salisbury, UK: Non-Duality Press, 2007


Maharaj, Nisargadatta. I Am That

Mumbai: Chetana, 1973

Mitchell, Damo. Daoist Nei Gong: The Philosophical Art of Change
London and Philadelphia: Singing Dragon, 2011

Prendergast, John J. The Deep Heart, Our Portal to Presence

Boulder, CO: Sounds True, 2020


Razzeto, Thomas. Living the Paradox of Enlightenment, Spiritual Awakening in Simple, Clear English

Santa Barbara, CA: self-published, 3rd edition 2023


Ruvinsky, Joan. The Recognition of Our Own Heart: Ponderings on the Pratyabhijñāhṛdayam

Quebec: Kriya Yoga Publications, 2019

Sahn, Seung. The Compass of Zen

Boston & London: Shambhala, 2012

Tripta, Nitya, Notes on Spiritual Discourses of Shri Atmananda (Krishna Menon), 3 volumes

Salisbury: Non-Duality Press, 2009

Venkataramiah, Munagala. Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi

Tiruvannamalai: Sri Ramanasramam, 2016


Wallis, Christopher. Tantra Illuminated, The Philosophy, History, and Practice of a Timeless Tradition

San Rafael, CA: Mattamayūra Press, 2013

For further reading on wholesome, balanced spirituality, I highly recommend Timothy Conway’s extensive website:

For my good friend Thomas Razzeto's website and essays you can visit:

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