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Self-inquiry groups

Depending on the interest I am available for the facilitation of self-inquiry groups.

Traditionally, these meetings in truth, or satsangs, are gatherings where spiritual adepts come together to contemplate on and celebrate true nature. Communing from the understanding that truth is timeless and unconditioned, these group meetings honor the living transmissions from the various mystical wisdom streams yet are not defined or limited by them.

They include guided and silent meditations, pointers to our innate awakeness, (dyadic) meditative inquiry through sitting with an essential question, and spontaneous sharing from our direct experience.
Coming together as a group of kindred spirits is a beautiful opportunity to drop limited identifications, to rest as silent Awareness and to connect with the all-encompassing love of All-Oneness. Or in vedantic terms; to realize the ultimate understanding of All Is Brahman (God). Not in a conceptual way but as a heartfelt reality.
Additionally, we feel the support of others as we explore our shared natural state.
Feel free to contact me if you are interested in these gatherings.


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