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One-on-one counseling

Embodied Self-recognition offers a well-attuned, welcoming space for self-exploration on the levels of body, mind and soul.
Depending on your needs we work with guided meditations, direct pointers, somatic awareness, the energy body, prayer, and heart-centered inquiries into the nature of experience.


If you want to connect more deeply with a life of awakening and its dharmic principles we can meet where spirit is able to rest unto its own Self-nature.
Going beyond the limited identifications of the personal sense of self we open up to and become transparent for the undivided Reality that is at the core of life. We learn to let go of control and trust its guiding, healing power.

With affectionate curiosity we inquire into any apparent obstacles that prevent a felt sense of this.
In the process we nurture wholesome qualities such as loving-kindness, empathy and equanimity reflecting our deepening understanding.

The conscious harmonization of the energy body and unification with the universal vital Power can also become a relevant process.
Engaging in this unfoldment with integrity and self-honesty, the timeless truth of our inherent luminosity comes alive in a most intimate way.


If there are mental and emotional challenges you feel ready to work with, I offer somatic and trauma-sensitive support.
They can include psychosomatic problems such as anxiety, depression, stress, burnout and trauma-related symptoms.

To learn more about the way I work with these issues you can click this link.


Working on personal themes can be a catalyst for spontaneous spiritual openings. Conversely, waking up to our fundamental nature can also become an invitation to look into issues that are still unresolved. This way spiritual practice and psychological work are not separate.

In a more mystical sense, I regard this process as a modern form of the classic Korean Zen approach of “sudden awakening (of Self) and gradual cultivation (of positive aspects of personal self)”.
Or differently; the tantric realization of the indivisibility of Śiva (pure Awareness) and Śakti (its dynamic Power).



One-on-one sessions are 60-minute meetings and take place via Zoom.
The standard fee is €100 per hour. I offer sliding scale options for those with financial constraints.


Whether you want to engage in short-term or long-term counseling, I recommend a minimum of 5 sessions that provide you the chance to delve deeply with the work.

For questions and appointments, including in-person meetings in Heidelberg, please inquire through the contact form.

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