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About Jeroen

For as long as I can remember I was drawn to discover what is most essential and true in life. This let me set out on an inner journey of awakening and to develop a natural and profound connection to the nondual wisdom traditions. This affinity entailed a long-term study and practice particularly of the teachings of Ch’an/Zen, Daoism, Advaita Vedanta and Trika Shaivism until I rested into their non-traditional, formless Essence.

After a nearly 10-year Zen training within the Rinzai lineage I began focusing on the direct path of self-inquiry and subsequently developed a highly resonant spiritual relationship with my two main mentors John Prendergast and Timothy Conway. Both encouraged me to share the dharma.


I have a bachelor’s degree in music therapy and am a body-centered and mindfulness-based therapist (Hakomi). My approach as a spiritual counselor and somatic coach is firmly rooted in the essence of both Eastern mystical teachings as well as Western psychological healing modalities. Since early 2020 I am meeting clients and spiritual adepts world-wide through my online offerings.


Originally from Holland I am based in Heidelberg, Germany. Spending time in nature is a great, indispensable resource for me, guided by my ongoing love and devotion for our timeless Essence and all of its unique expressions that point back to it.

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