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Embodied Self-Recognition
with Jeroen Veenenbos

“Discovering our true home ground, we realize we never left
the indivisible Presence that we are
– open, luminous, all-embracing.” 

While we all naturally strive for lasting happiness and peace, we inevitably suffer due to our conditioning, especially the limiting beliefs that we hold about ourselves and the world. At some point we intuit that the source of our fulfillment is not found in external circumstances but in the core of our being. This insight invites us to deeply investigate who we really are. In time an unconditioned, loving Awareness is revealed as our essential Self.

The offerings of this website are meant for those of you who seek genuine inner transformation. My approach is body and Presence-based. In the most profound sense, it is a way to support you to end seeking, grasping, and rejecting, and to discover an effortless Beingness from which your life freely flows.


Whether you are drawn to looking into and working with personal issues that restrict and inhibit your life or sincerely desire to explore the depths of spiritual awakening, I offer heartfelt counseling promoting a multidimensional, all-inclusive self-unfoldment.

In counseling sessions, we meet your experience as it is from an attitude of deep, non-judgmental listening. By tuning in to your inner knowing, you learn to bring your life more and more in alignment with what is true. Being in touch with yourself in this way allows for an authentic freedom from suffering where you feel intimately connected with the suchness of yourself, everyone, and everything. As a natural result, you are able to live life from openness, fullness, gratitude and unconditional love.

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